Marche pour fêter le capitalisme

Ce dimanche 06 Juin 2004 a eu lieu dans de nombreuses villes, la quatrième Marche Mondiale pour fêter le Capitalisme.

International Capitalism Day

The First Sunday in June every year is International Capitalism Day on which people around the world celebrate Capitalism's benefit to mankind.

NEW YORK CITY - On Sunday, June 6, 2004 at noon, the fourth annual Celebrate Capitalism walk will begin at the steps of Federal Hall to promote and celebrate the benefit to mankind that comes from the freedom inherent in Capitalism. The walk will be just one of the Celebrate Capitalism events taking place in more than 150 cities and 46 countries on this day. From Estonia to Brazil, India to Nigeria, individuals will express their enthusiasm for Capitalism through historic walks, artistic performances, music and the spoken word.

Celebrants are as excited about Capitalism as the event's founder, Prodos, an Australian Internet radio host who wants the day to be for "People of every walk of life and from every corner of the globe."

"It's a day," he says, "to thank the Producers and Creators --humankind's great benefactors--and to praise their achievements, independence of thought and their courage in following their dreams and upholding Capitalism, the only political system which makes all of this possible.”

A system founded on freedom and creativity, Capitalism is the
life-affirming ideal of Capitalism Day. Through this system, the
quality of life for all people is made better. As Prodos says, "the rich get richer, the poor get richer."

Capitalism, an ideal passed down to us by pro-capitalist thinkers like Ayn Rand, Adam Smith and Thomas Jefferson, is highlighted in The Bernstein Declaration, Celebrate Capitalism's official position statement, written by New York-based philosopher and novelist, Dr. Andrew Bernstein. Now translated into more than 20 languages, making it the most widely translated pro-capitalism document ever.

Dr. Bernstein, author of the upcoming book, Capitalist Manifesto, who will speak at this year’s event in New York City, says "It is no accident that man's freest periods have seen his greatest achievements.From the Golden Age of Athens to the Italian Renaissance to the technological and industrial breakthroughs of the United States, the freedom of man's mind has led to magnificent advances in philosophy."

Whether it's been the gathering of 40 people in Poland or Perth, Australia's union of two for the cause of Capitalism, those involved in Celebrate Capitalism in previous years have seen the value of the marriage of ideas and action. New Yorkers will see it again on Sunday, June 6.