Ron Paul

Les vrais libéraux adorent Ron Paul. Certains l'aiment tellement qu'ils ont commencé pas moins de trois blogs, et en français, pour soutenir sa campagne à l'investiture républicaine, et qui sait, à la présidence des Etats-Unis. Saluons cette très sympathique initiative !

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Blogger Curtis a écrit...
Thanks for the post about Ron Paul. I'm an English-speaking American, the Google translation for this post is funny, but I can catch its drift.
à 5:28 PM
Blogger melodius a écrit...
Funny ? Gosh willypete, you're worrying me...

Anyway, the translation is:

"Real libertarians love Ron Paul. Some love him so much that they have started no less than three blogs, in French, to support his nomination as the Rep candidate and, who knows, his election as Prez of the USA. Thumb up for this great initiative !"

I hope that this one is slightly less funny... ;-)
à 6:28 PM
Blogger melodius a écrit...
PS :

Here's the google translation :

"Liberal truths adore Ron Paul. Some like it so much that they started not less than three blogs, and in French, to support his countryside with the republican nomination, and who knows, with the presidency of the United States. Let us greet this very sympathetic nerve initiative!"

It's not funny, it's bloody hilarious !!!
à 6:32 PM
Blogger Pieter Cleppe a écrit...
The Belgians of Phaedrus have created
Ron Paul Watch, if interested:

à 11:36 AM
Blogger melodius a écrit...
Bedankt Pieter !
à 4:09 PM

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