Et les vendeurs de couteaux?

Trouvé via The Register, l'article Fujitsu Siemens loses German PC levy case nous apprend une bien curieuse nouvelle:
A German court has ordered PC maker Fujitsu Siemens to pay a royalty of €12 for every PC it sells in Germany. A Munich district court believes that as with blank media such as audio and video cassettes, the levy should compensate rights holders for lost royalties.

The suit was first brought in 2001 by VG Wort rights society, a copyright management organisation. It argued that Fujitsu Siemens hardware can be used for copying - and therefore infringes the rights of its members. Fujitsu Siemens is the first company targeted by the society. More PC vendors may follow later this year.
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Although a landmark decision, the ruling isn't a full victory for VG Wort, which originally sought a levy of € 30 for each new PC sold.

Ainsi devrait-on poursuivre les vendeurs de couteaux pour tous les meurtres commis à l'aide de leurs produits, non?
La société a fait appel de la décision, affaire à suivre.